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Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball manga. He is the most important superhero to appear in all the installments of the manga series, as well as in the associated productions which have surfaced over time. His appearance has been so frequent that Goku is actually the manga fictional character most known worldwide, even to people who do not follow this genre. Goku first appeared in Son Goku and Bulma and was created by Akira Toriyama. Over the developments of the series Goku has been voiced by various artists.


Throughout the series, we can see the journey that is taken by Goku in the search for the Dragon Balls. We can also admire his evolution, as in the first series he is rather young and he evolves from there on. More to this, the transformation that occurs in his case is one of the most intricate ones and it is the only moment in which his hairdo is changed. The creation of the character was based on Sun Wukong, a character from Journey to the West, a classical Chinese novel.


The young monkey-tailed boy is very passionate about martial arts and about practicing them for the greater good and in order to gain his purpose of finding the Dragon Balls. His superhuman strength combined with his extraterrestrial origin to the Saiyans warrior race are the elements which make this human-like superhero be fascinating and highly fictional. Throughout the series, Goku trains in and practices martial arts and strives to find the Dragon Balls. He also grows to be the best warrior on Earth and to become its protector from various villains.


The main abilities that Goku has are connected with strength and durability, from which all his other qualities surface. He has a super speed and amazing reflexes, which come in handy during his battles with villains. His chi is the main source of power, from which he can draw the energy blasts used in combats. Goku also has a signature move, called Kamehameha, that has become increasingly famous throughout the years. Teleportation, fusions and many other abilities form the arsenal with which Goku is able to defeat his opponents and to continue his search for the Dragon Balls.

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